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Tvöföld þráðlaus Brjóstapumpa - Neno Bueno Premium

Tvöföld þráðlaus Brjóstapumpa - Neno Bueno Premium

26.250 ISK
26.250 ISK
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Tvöföld þráðlaus brjóstapumpa - Neno Bueno Premium

Double two-phase cordless electric breast pump Neno Bueno

DEAR MUM! This wireless double-breast pump has been designed to suit your day-to-day life no matter what comes your way.

Neno Bueno is the new model from the Premium series. Neno Bueno gives you the choice of using the dual-breast pump feature, but can also be used as a single pump to express milk depending on your needs allowing for a more personalized experience and comfort.

All Neno accessories and replacement parts are designed to be 100% compatible with our range of breast pumps. The Neno Bueno set includes two individual 180ml bottles which can be swapped out for 150, 240, or even 300ml bottles. You can also purchase any replacement parts such as breast shields, replacement tubes, membranes, and valves.

Our latest breast pump has been equipped with two 180ml bottles from our latest premium range, and every component is 100% BPA-free.The bottles are made from PPSU giving them a higher temperature resistance and greater resistance to impact.

The Bueno breast pump is 100% compatible with all Neno brand products, so you can easily mix and match any replacement parts and accessories for example Neno bottles and food freezing bags.

The Neno Bueno breast pump breast shields are ergonomic and pleasant on the skin. They also have a delicate transparent pattern that gives them a beautiful feminine look and feel. The funnel is made from high-quality materials that are 100% safe for the health of the mum and her baby.

The compact size and lightweight battery with a pumping station provide up to four 30-minute pumping sessions on a single charge. An easy-to-read display on the top of the device allows you to easily adjust 9 levels of pumping or 5 levels of stimulation. Thanks to modern technology, the Neno Bueno breast pump remembers the last setting, and the next time you turn it on, it will return to your favorite suction power and rhythm. You can easily set your preferences on the device, and can easily turn a double breast pump into a single one. Time for personalized comfort with Neno Bueno.

Thanks to the built-in battery, the Neno Bueno is 100% portable. It takes up to two hours to fully charge the battery and lasts for four 30-minute pumping sessions, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Neno Bueno charges via a USB-C charging cable that can be connected to any external power source, including power banks.


Stimulation Mode In Stimulation Mode, the pumping device will make intense and shallow movements. This mode is responsible for stimulating the mammary glands in the breasts to improve the flow of milk from the breasts.

Deep Pumping Mode
This phase uses long and deep pumping strokes to ensure efficient feed intake.

Weight 2,1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 38,5 × 30,5 cm
Operating modes:

Stimulation mode L1-L5, deep pump mode L1-L9

Battery capacity and type:

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V 2000 mah

Charging time (full):

Approximately 2 hours

Cordless run time:

Up to 120 minutes


5V 1A

Charging cable:

USB type C

Breast pump size:

72x72x95 mm


790 g

EAN code:


CN code:


Box size:

37.5 x31.5×11 cm

Box weight:

2096 g

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