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Clothes Shaver - Neno Merino


Clothes Shaver - Neno Merino

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3.950 ISK
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Clothes Shaver - Neno Merino

With Neno Merino at hand, you can easily take care of woolen sweaters, hats and gloves. What's more, you can also act on the less waste idea by giving new life to clothes worn by your child's older siblings. Instead of throwing them away, include them in your little one's daily wardrobe. The environment will definitely thank you for it!

Child's play
Winter is just around the corner or spring is on the horizon? No matter what season has just begun, remember that any time is a good time to refresh your clothes! You can do it effectively and quickly using the modern Neno Merino shaver. Just press the button, bring the device close to the material and make a few long movements. The effect will be visible after just a few seconds!

Charge whenever you need
The Neno Merino clothes shaver is your personal assistant for special tasks that will make your pilled clothes look like new. Thanks to the efficient battery, it can operate wirelessly for about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to clean a lot of things. If Merino feels "tired", he will definitely let you know by stopping the blades. You can charge it using the USB cable included in the set.

Refresh knitwear and fabrics
Do you often wonder what the composition of a sweatshirt or T-shirt is? A journey to the land of fabrics and knitted fabrics is a fascinating adventure during which you will learn about natural and synthetic materials, the thickness of their weaves and the types of textures. The Neno Merino shaver will faithfully accompany you on this journey. Its steel blades can cope with the surface of any piece of clothing.

Take care of the entire family's wardrobe
Neno Merino is an inconspicuous device that will be useful for the whole family. Using a shaver, you can take care of children's and adults' clothes all year round. In winter, you can renew fluffy, mohair sweaters, and in spring and summer, breathable, viscose and cotton knitwear. Its efficient battery allows for a long operating time, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively clean a large number of things, saving time. You will quickly see that Neno Merino is a shaver with character! It has three sharp knives and a 46 mm diameter mesh with holes of various sizes. This solution ensures accurate and even removal of pilling.

Choose efficiency
You will quickly see that Neno Merino is a shaver with character! It has three sharp knives and a 46 mm diameter mesh with holes of various sizes. This solution ensures accurate and even removal of pilling.

Enjoy the comfort
By purchasing the Neno Merino shaver, you receive a product adapted to the requirements of modern users. The device has an ergonomic, spherical shape and relatively small size, so it fits easily and is held securely in your hand.

Clean and empty
Lint, balls, pilling... No matter what you call them, they always annoy you the same. Don't wait any longer and declare war on them! The Neno Merino shaver will quickly place them in a practical container, which you can unscrew and empty just as quickly.

Use reliable blades
The basis for the reliable operation of the shaver are three knives made of stainless steel. Perfect sharpness combined with speed will allow you to achieve the "WOW" effect. Grab Neno Merino in your hand and spend five minutes, and your favorite sweater will regain its former appearance.

Give the perfect gift
You certainly have people around you who love practical and nice gifts. If an important occasion is fast approaching, don't hesitate and give Neno Merino as a gift. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Are you different in age and experience? Let them share a passion for quality! Encourage your family members to choose clothes made of high-quality materials that, if properly cared for, can last for many years.

Neno Merino is a one in a million shaver! Even the most die-hard pragmatists will be delighted with its discreet, glamorous charm. The shiny housing and designer shape bring to mind exclusive decorations or perfume bottles from the most famous designers.

Take care of blankets, mattresses and sheets
Neno Merino is a device that will help you keep blankets, sheets and mattresses in good condition. By getting rid of unsightly-looking balls, you will restore their attractive appearance for a long time

Take it with you everywhere
Do you travel often? Do you want your family's appearance to always be impeccable? If so, have Neno Merino always at hand. Throw your shaver into your purse or backpack and go. The compact size and included bag make it easy to carry.

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