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Pelahitari og hreinsir - Neno Lindo 6in1


Pelahitari og hreinsir - Neno Lindo 6in1

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19.950 ISK
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Pelahitari og hreinsir - Neno Lindo 6in1

Heater, sterilizer, defroster - he only such device on the market 6in1.

Forget big, heavy appliances. Neno Lindo is a compact, functional 6-in-1 appliance and a stylish, minimalist kitchen gadget. Its versatility is perfectly suited to the dynamic and surprising lifestyle of any family! Lindo supports up to 6 operating modes, including efficient sterilization of bottles, teethers and teats, and the MILK function with a temperature of 40°C, perfect for warming milk. The touchscreen display with access to all programs and the built-in LED light make it quick and easy to use twenty-four hours a day, according to the needs of parents and baby.


Not sure how to prepare natural breastmilk safely? Considering the richness of the ingredients found in breast milk, we’ve equipped Lindo with a special MILK function which heats up to 40°C. This way, you can provide your little one with a valuable meal every day without unnecessary worry or effort


Harmful microorganisms are a major threat to developing baby’s health. We are aware of this, which is why we designed the Neno Lindo to provide effective sterilisation in three modes: for plastic, silicone and glass products. The sterilisation time, matched to the item, allows you to maintain cleanliness, safety and hygiene at the highest level.


Sometimes reheating can be endless. All it takes is a moment’s distraction and your reheated food is cold and tasteless. The solution to this inconvenience is the FORMULA function, with which the Neno Lindo can maintain the temperature between 40 °C and 65 °C. This ensures that warm meals are always at hand.


Many hours of waiting, a water bath… How do you defrost natural milk to make it fit for consumption? You can do it quickly and safely with the Neno Lindo. The device not only ensures the right temperature and time, but also guarantees that the food doesn’t lose its valuable properties. In addition, after 30 minutes, it activates the constant temperature maintenance function (40°C).


We knew that one of the biggest problems for busy parents is a day that is too short when we designed the Neno Lindo. That is why we have designed the product to heat up jars of food and water for modified milk much faster than the standard mode. This not only makes working easier, but also saves time.


Preparing hot meals in the traditional way involves stubbornly standing at the cooker and washing up. With Lindo, you can discover the practical side of life, heating jars or breast milk storage bags without worrying about burning or dirtying lots of dishes.


Heating food in the evening or at night can sometimes be problematic, which is why the Neno Lindo has a built-in LED light. The subtle spotlight is not glaring and makes it easy to use in the dark. The light remains active for up to 30 seconds after switching off, giving you the opportunity to safely leave the room or put away the accessories you have previously used.


If you like products that are refined in every way, you will appreciate Neno Lindo’s versatility and elegant design. With its smooth casing in a universal white colour, the device complements the modern and minimalist design of kitchens or other rooms.


Defrosting, heating, sterilising, supporting…that, in a nutshell, is all you can use the Neno Lindo for. Its functionality will make your life significantly easier. By using a fast and reliable device, you will find more time for yourself and your family or simply not be late for work.


If you look at the steriliser from the right angle, it looks like a… modern decorative element. The unusual oval body and the silver-finished main panel definitely set Neno Lindo apart from traditional products in the home appliances category.


Forget about large and heavy household appliances. Neno Lindo doesn’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter and easily fits at the bottom of a deep drawer. All thanks to its slimness, compact dimensions and easy to unfold components.


Multifunctionality is the word that best defines the scope of the Neno Lindo. The various options for heating, defrosting and maintaining the temperature are helpful at different times of the day and at many stages of a child’s development. The product’s versatility fits perfectly with every family’s dynamic lifestyle full of surprises.


The Neno Lindo has a specially shaped, removable handle. This solution ensures versatility – with the device you can sterilise and heat bottles and small jars with their contents. The interior of the Neno Lindo accommodates Neno breast pump milk storage bags and components.

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