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Leikmotta - Neno Mondo


Leikmotta - Neno Mondo

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6.950 ISK
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Leikmotta (svampmotta) - Neno Mondo 

Neno Mondo – foam play mat

Neno Mondo is a multifunctional and aesthetic addition to a child’s room, ideal as a gift. The non-slip educational play mat, with two-sided print, is made from foam that does not release harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or BPA. It provides insulation from the cold floor when baby is playing and protection from falls when learning to crawl and walk. The lightweight and collapsible design of the mat and the included carry bag make it easy to transport and store.

Size: 150 x 200cm, when folded 75 x 39cm 


If you want your baby to know his surroundings from the first days of life, provide the right conditions. Use a foam mat to create a friendly area on the living room floor where you and your loved ones can share moments with your little one.


Before you know it, your baby will be discovering the world so fast that you won’t be able to keep up. Remember, there is never enough room for new adventures! A large foam mat will come in handy during this exciting time to give your little one a comfortable base.


Want to create a safe space for your little explorer? Get the soft learning mat. It will make your child’s crawling and first contact with the floor, as well as learning to walk, safe and secure.


One of the things that can take away from the fun of playing together is the unpleasant sensation of a cold floor. With Neno Mondo, you can be sure that you will not have this problem. The mat is made of special XPE foam, which has excellent thermal insulation properties, making it an effective protection against contact with a cold surface.


Don’t worry if an energetic toddler knocks over a bottle of milk or juice. We have designed the mat to be waterproof. This prevents the absorption of moisture, which is the ideal environment for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow.


The Neno Mondo coating not only protects against moisture absorption. It also reduces the adhesion of dirt, so you’ll be cleaning it in no time.


The compact design means that Neno Mondo does not take up much space. Fold the mat and store it under the bed, in the wardrobe or in the cupboard. The practical carrying case with handle makes it easy.


Neno Mondo is not only a comfortable play area for your toddler, but also a fantastic learning tool. The unique designs help develop cognitive skills and encourage creativity. What’s more, older children can use the Mondo to familiarise themselves with letters and numbers.


Playing with Neno is like travelling to a fairytale land full of fascinating shapes and characters. The unique magical prints and universal colours make Mondo a perfect match for a child’s room.


When a child starts to crawl or take its first steps, the Neno Mondo is the only way to go. The non-slip texture of the mat provides a stable surface for the toddler to practice on under the watchful eye of the carer.


Quality is always our first priority. So we choose only the best materials for production. The mat is made from XPE foam, which contains no harmful chemicals.


The company of friendly forest animals or a trip to the land of letters and numbers? It’s all up to you! Choose a theme and create a fun activity for your child in the setting of your choice.


There is nothing more precious than time spent together. The large surface area of the mat makes it possible for one parent or a larger group of loved ones to do activities with the kid.


The Neno Mondo is a mat that offers plenty of space to play on, but is small and compact when folded.


Are you packing for a holiday and want to take Mondo with you? Your baby will love it! Fold the mat, put it in your bag and throw it in the trunk.

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