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Lumi Humming Bunny with night light and lullabies - Cream

Lumi Humming Bunny with night light and lullabies - Cream

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Lumi Humming Bunny with night light and lullabies - Cream

A new toy from Whisbear! Lumi Humming Bunny with night light and lullabies – the ultimate sleep aid. A toy for babies and older children, created for peaceful sleep and healthy development. The Lumi Humming Bunny is everything you are looking for to take care of your little one’s peaceful and safe sleep. 

Beautifully packed in a gift box.

When you buy the Lumi Bunny, you will receive AAA rechargeable batteries for FREE!


  • 10 sounds
  • CRYsensor function – cry sensor
  • Selectable humming time – 60 min. / 90 min. / non-stop
  • 7 colours of night light
  • VOICErecord function – recording parent’s voice
  • USB charging – for the sake of the environment / to save batteries

The Lumi Humming Bunny with baby night light, lullabies and CRYsensor is the way to get your little one to sleep calmly, from the first days of life. The cuddly bunny was designed and created in collaboration with designers and composers from Poland and Europe. In a functional device with a light we have hidden: 3 soothing noises and 3 sounds of nature, 3 lullabies with classical music, 7 colours of light and the VOICErecord function, thanks to which you can record a child-friendly voice of the parent.


With your baby’s peaceful sleep in mind, we have carefully selected gentle and soothing sounds. In our device you will find pink noise – the most effective and safest for babies. We have also included white noise and the sound of waves, as well as the sounds of a beating heart, falling rain and a mountain stream. The sounds emitted from the device are the best alternative to the noises played from mobile phones.


In the Lumi Humming Bunny from Whisbear you will find innovative, high-quality arrangements of classical music in the form of well-known lullabies by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert.

Listening to classical music has a significant impact on children’s development and is recommended by experts. Classical melodies are extremely precise and full of harmony, have a calming effect and promote concentration. The sounds of instruments stimulate the brain and encourage its development. Soothing melodies calm and put you to sleep and help parents build an extremely strong bond with their baby.

Are you pregnant? Listening to classical music during the prenatal period has been proven to have a powerful effect on your baby’s development. Switch on, listen, hum the gentle rhythms of the grandmasters and deepen your bond with your little one.


With the Whisbear humming device you have the option to set the humming length: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or even NON-STOP. This is the only such device on the Polish market. You decide yourself the length of humming of the cuddly Bunny and adjust the humming time to the baby. We give parents a choice, because we know that uninterrupted sleep at night is the most important thing for you. You can set the humming for an hour or an hour and a half, but the Bunny cuddly toy musical arrangement can also hum non-stop.


The Lumi Humming Bunny combines convenience and safety. The device is charged via a USB cable and powered by three rechargeable AAA batteries. You receive the cable included with the device. Purchasing a device charged via the USB cable saves batteries and protects your child from the undesirable effects of nickel-ion batteries in infant and child toys. At the same time, this solution will save money in the household and reduce waste. A USB-charged device is safer, unlike devices with a built-in battery on the market. It is also the best alternative to the noise played from mobile phones.


For the proper development of the children, we have included in the humming device a children’s bedside lamp with soft light in 7 colours to choose from, which you can change at the push of a button. The calming, gentle glow emanating from the heart of the Lumi Humming Bunny, complements your baby’s evening ritual of tenderness and care. The gentle light of the baby lamp, which shines during the humming of the device, is also an additional element that has a calming and soothing effect on your baby. The baby night light shines in the colours white, yellow, red, green, dark blue, pink, and light blue.


This is an intelligent solution that automatically reacts with noise to a baby’s cry. After a set period of playing the selected sound (60 or 90 minutes), the device enters standby mode and listens to the sounds from the baby’s cot. When the device recognises the baby’s cry, it automatically responds with a calming sound. This function is perfect at night, when babies suddenly wake up. The CRYsensor works reliably, so parents can rest assured that their baby will fall asleep peacefully.


The VOICErecord function – recording the parent’s voice – is another innovation in the Whisbear Cuddly Bunny. Sing and record your own lullaby, rhyme or calming words directed to your baby. Parent’s voice calms, quiets and puts the little one to sleep, deepening their feelings of peace and security. The recording time is 60 seconds. You can play the recording for 60, 90 minutes or non-stop.


Whisbear products were the first humming toys in Poland to receive a Positive Opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child for children with sleep difficulties. The Institute verifies products for general, health and developmental safety. Whisbear toys and electronic devices are tested and certified according to the safety standards applicable on the European market.

Designed and manufactured in Europe

The Lumi Humming Bunny was manufactured in Poland. It is made of soft plush (of the highest quality), which has been thoroughly tested in laboratories that check the safety of toys. The material has been awarded the OEKO TEX standard 100 certificate, guaranteeing the highest quality for textile and fabric products that come into direct contact with the human skin. We have decorated the leg with decorative gold embroidery in the shape of a heart with the Whisbear brand logo. Thanks to magnets, securely sewn into the plush bunny’s paws, the toy can be attached to a cot or pram. The design of the Lumi device’s casing was developed in collaboration with Polish designer Jacek Ryn, a lecturer at the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts.

Lifetime guarantee upon registration of the Lumi Humming Bunny

Thanks to the high level of workmanship, the Lumi Humming Bunny is a toddler’s friend that will stay with him for years! We are confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on Whisbear products. All you need to do is register your toy at www.whisbear.com within 30 days of purchase.

Easy to clean

The Whisbear Humming Bunny can be washed safely in the washing machine in mild detergents at 30 degrees, after removing the humming device from the mascot.

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