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Stuðkantur Flétta (3 strands) - Beige

Stuðkantur Flétta (3 strands) - Beige

5.450 ISK
5.450 ISK
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Stuðkantur Flétta (3 strands) - Beige

Extremely soft and beautiful braided bed bumper made from high quality material. This model is a 3 strand bumper. It will secure the bed bars properly and guarantee a safe sleep for your child.

A bed bumper will cover the bed’s bars and keep the child safe during both sleep and daily activity. A braid-shaped bed bumper will work excellent not only in beds with bars – it is also a great addition to any house bed and serves as a beautiful decoration, comfortable pillow or as an insulation from a cold wall.

Every single bed bumper is made with highest care in Poland by Latula company. All the strands are sewn and filled manually providing highest quality of the product. The cotton velvet used for making the braids is very soft, delicate to touch and elastic, filled with fluffy, anti-allergy silicone filling.

Each bed bumper has ribbons attached that enable fixing it to the bed easily.

Materials used:

  • 100% OEKO-TEX® 100 and/or TUV-certified cotton velvet (80% cotton, 20% elastane),
  • Filling: anti-allergy silicone fluff.

Dimensions :

  • length: from 60 - 400cm  (+/- 5%),
  • height about 15 cm (+/- 10%),
  • thickness: about 6 cm.

Washing and care:

  • in order to maintain the original shape, the bed bumper should be rolled and tied with ribbons in a few points – the braid ends are sewn together and will not become untied during washing,
  • wash manually or in a washing machine in low temperature using liquid detergent and colour catching wipes,
  • in the event of manual washing, it is necessary to drain excess water from the braid by squeezing it (silicon fluff dries very quickly and does not hold moisture),
  • spin with maximum speed of 400 rpm,
  • do not bleach,
  • return to proper shape after washing and dry flat,
  • do not tumble dry.


If you have a bed with a railing and need a braid for the whole barrier, below is a table to help you. If one bed bumper is not enough you can always use two. Braids are flexible, tolerance of +/- 20cm shall be applied. You can also use braid/braids to cover just part of the bed rail. Remember that the braids and very elastic and can be stretched. 

Bed size / Length of the bumper braid -

Children’s bed 140×70 – Bed bumper 360 cm
140×80 – 380 cm
140×90 – 400 cm
160×70 – 380 cm
160×80 – 400 cm

160×90 – 420 cm
180×80 – 430 cm
180×90 – 450 cm
180×100 – 470 cm
190×80 – 440 cm

190×90 – 460 cm
200×90 – 470 cm
200×100 – 490 cm
200×120 – 530 cm
200×140 – 570 cm

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